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Hunt for Gold is a real-time strategy game implemented in Java.

The game takes place in the 17th century in the Caribbean. At that time pirates controlled the sea, but for how long ?

Or will you join their forces ?

The game is programmed in Java version 1.4 and will hopefully show how far the Java platform has come in the gaming world.

The project has just started, so any ideas, comments and of course code, graphics and music will be welcomed.
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Hunt for Gold is free!

Hunt for Gold is licensed under the GPL license.
The GPL license can be read here


31.10.04 Version 0.5.8 aka WeNeedEyes released.
12.02.04 Version 0.5 aka LordoftheCaribbean released.
02.11.03 Version 0.4.9 aka LetsPlay released.
11.07.03 Version 0.4.8 aka TributetoBlackPearl released.
09.02.03 We need a map maintainer! Please contact us if you are interessed.
19.12.02 Version 0.4 aka ShipOHoy released.
01.10.02 Version 0.3 aka CityofLife released.
04.07.02 Hunt for Gold joins Games Foundry.
04.07.02 Hunt for Gold joins Java Foundry.
01.07.02 Version 0.2 aka CaribbeanDawn released.
21.05.02 Version 0.1 aka EyeCandy released.
12.04.02 Project created.


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